LAUNCH DATE: Friday, March 15th

PROJECT 007: Your Life Matters.

This limited edition series is more than just a clothing collection; it's a bold statement, a quote of hope, and a reminder that every life holds immeasurable value - including yours. With mental health at the forefront of our mission, we've crafted this collection to spark conversation, to inspire, and to remind everyone in our community that they are not alone. TITAN stands as a symbol of strength and resilience, and through PROJECT 007: YLM, we aim to empower individuals, encourage open dialogue about mental health, and contribute to breaking the stigma surrounding it.

"If I could wear a shirt that could change someone's perspective on life for the better - or even save them from themselves because of what my shirt says, I'm going to wear THAT shirt." is the phrase that stemmed out of this collection within our team. This collection is an extension of our YLM graphic, which has become a strong pillar in our design process. Check out the upcoming designs below - without explanation, as they speak for themselves.

 TITAN - Your Life Matters designs

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