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Our Movement - Titan

TITAN. Workout Clothes designed with a purpose.

We create workout clothing you'll look and feel confident in. We design our workout clothes to serve a higher purpose and meaning and tie into our mental health brand initiatives.


At Titan, we're not just about high-quality workout clothes for the gym; we're about inspiring a movement. Join us in the #TITANSTRONG revolution, where we push the limits of what's possible, both mentally and physically. Our activewear is designed for the determined, the resilient, and the unstoppable. Every stitch embodies our commitment to quality and our dedication to empowering the fitness community.

Our Men's Workout Clothes feature workout shirts and tank tops, gym shorts, joggers and more. Our Women's Workout Clothes are designed for a range of movements and feature seamless technology, accentuating contouring and durable, quick-dry sweat wicking fabrics on leggings, sports bras and more.

We strive to promote a healthy message with every PROJECT we launch. Our journey began with a vision to create more than just gym wear; we wanted to foster a mindset of strength and perseverance. Titan is a beacon for those striving to overcome challenges and reach new heights. By choosing Titan, you're not just selecting superior, high-quality activewear, you're becoming part of a movement that champions mental strength and community support. We're proud to contribute to mental health initiatives and charities, ensuring that our impact extends beyond the gym and into the heart of our community.


We created our PROJECT initiative to launch new collections with each one having a new, meaningful message with every graphic design. Each and every design will serve a purpose - they are limited, stylish and meaningful.

Our men's and women's athleisure will enhance your workouts and your confidence with the most comfortable gym clothes, the most supportive gym leggings and the most meaningful designed workout shirts that are made to move when it matters most.


Join the Titan movement by becoming an official Titan Ambassador and represent a brand that serves a greater purpose. We firmly believe that every individual possesses the mental strength to overcome obstacles on their path to success. By embracing the #TITANSTRONG movement, we aim to help individuals recognize and unleash their inner strength, fueling their determination to
conquer challenges and reach new heights.

Follow us on Instagram @titan and become part of the community!

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Isela M.

Isela M.

Can’t wait to step out in this new line 🔥🔥🔥

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