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Our Commitment to Making a Positive Impact.

At TITAN, we believe in the power of compassion, support, and making a difference. Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant step forward in our journey towards creating a positive impact on mental health. As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering well-being and supporting those in need, we are excited to introduce a new initiative: donating a percentage of our sales to charities dedicated to mental health.

Our Mission:
At TITAN, our vision extends beyond creating high quality activewear. We strive to instill a transformative impact by inspiring a change in mindset. By embracing the #TitanStrong movement, we aim to help individuals recognize and unleash their inner strength, fueling their determination to conquer challenges and reach new heights.

The Importance of Mental Health:
Mental health is a vital aspect of our overall well-being, impacting every facet of our lives. It affects how we think, feel, and interact with the world around us. Unfortunately, mental health issues are often stigmatized and misunderstood, preventing many individuals from seeking the help they need. By shining a light on mental health, we aim to promote understanding, empathy, and acceptance, while actively supporting those affected by mental health challenges.

Our Charitable Donations:
Starting now, we will allocate a percentage of each sale to reputable charities focused on mental health. These organizations include NAMI, The Mental Health Coalition, and The Jed Foundation. Through our contributions, we hope to aid in destigmatizing mental health, making mental wellness accessible to all, and assisting those who need it most.

Why these 3? Here are some quick details of each orginization:

NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness): 

NAMI is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for mental health and supporting individuals and families affected by mental illness. As one of our chosen charitable partners, donating to NAMI helps fund their vital programs, education initiatives, and advocacy efforts aimed at fighting stigma, providing support, and improving access to quality mental health care. NAMI's work plays a crucial role in raising awareness, offering helpline services, and fostering inclusive communities that prioritize mental well-being.

The Jed Foundation:

The Jed Foundation (JED) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to safeguarding the mental health of young adults and preventing suicide. By supporting JED, we contribute to their efforts in providing comprehensive mental health resources, campus programs, advocacy, and research that promote emotional well-being and resilience among college students. JED's work plays a crucial role in fostering supportive environments and equipping young adults with the tools they need to thrive mentally and emotionally.

The Mental Health Coalition:

The Mental Health Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the mental health landscape by raising awareness, fostering collaboration, and advocating for change. By supporting The Mental Health Coalition, we contribute to their efforts in promoting mental well-being, providing resources, facilitating partnerships, and advocating for equitable mental health policies. Together, we can create a society that prioritizes mental health, reduces stigma, and supports individuals on their mental health journey.

How You Can Help:
Your support is crucial in making a difference. By purchasing products from TITAN, you not only receive high-quality items but also contribute to the advancement of mental health causes. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change and empower individuals to seek help, reduce stigma, and lead healthier lives. Every purchase you make has the power to make a lasting impact.

A Journey of Transformation:
Our decision to integrate mental health charity donations into our business model is an important milestone on our journey of transformation. We remain committed to continually exploring ways to enhance our positive impact on society and the well-being of our community. Your trust and support have been instrumental in our growth, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this significant cause.

At Titan, we firmly believe that businesses have the power to shape a better world. By dedicating a portion of our sales to mental health charities, we hope to play our part in creating a more compassionate, understanding, and supportive society. Join us on this meaningful journey as we strive to make a lasting difference, one purchase at a time. Together, let's prioritize mental health and work towards a brighter future for our community and beyond.

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About a year ago I joined as a Titan ambassador after beginning my fitness journey that saved my life and my mental health. I had trouble eating from mental health medications, and eventually I weighed 100 pounds in my early 30’s and had a serious hip injury from falling. Physical therapy made me fall in love with working out and striving to be better. A year later, I am able to use weightlifting and yoga as a way to cope with day to day life and I am celebrating one year managing unmedicated ADHD and depression. Thank you for raising awareness to mental health! ❤️

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