Words Unheard

Words Unheard - Titan


LAUNCH DATE: TBD, estimated 8/18

This collection is dedicated to the silent battles we fight alone - those intimate conflicts where we destroy ourselves to the point of no return. In the moments where there is no one to listen or understand, it is those words left unheard that cut our deepest wounds. The Words Unheard collection serves as tribute to the growth born from the unseen struggles, reminding us that everyone is going through something and to treat all with compassion and understanding.

In this blog, we will dive into the meaning of each graphic and their significance to our brand. NOTE: All of these graphics are LIMITED EDITION and we do not expect to restock them in the future.


988 Tee (LEFT)

This graphic was created to bring awareness to the widely available, but underutilized Suicide Hotline. The 988 graphic is designed to normalize seeking help when you need it most - for it takes strength to realize that and to act on it.

Overall, Suicide Hotlines provide a crucial lifeline for those in distress, offering immediate support, crisis intervention, and resources. They contribute to suicide prevention efforts, help individuals find hope, and remind people that they are not alone in their struggles.


We designed the OKAY graphic to encompass one of the greatest mental health quotes: "It's okay to not be okay." Often, people feel pressured to put on a happy face and hide their struggles due to societal expectations or fear of judgment. However, suppressing or denying emotions can actually leave a negative impact on your mental health. By embracing the idea that it's okay not to be okay, you are more likely to open up about your feelings, seek appropriate help, and start taking care of yourself because YOUR LIFE MATTERS (referencing the bottom of our design).


We created the STAY design to show a simple, yet powerful message that takes a stand with suicide prevention efforts. We also added a strong paragraph to the design that reads:

"In the depths of our silent battles, I may not fully comprehend your struggles, but know that your life matters, and you are enough. Amidst the storms within, remember that you are never alone. Let this message serve as a reminder that compassion and understanding surround you, even in the unseen corners of your mind."

The "Please Stay" phrase communicates a powerful message of support, compassion, and encouragement to individuals who may be experiencing emotional distress or contemplating self-harm.


Overall, this capsule collection was created as our very first limited project to encompass our brand's initiative of bringing mental health awareness to the world. We are excited to launch these new designs and start our PROJECT journey to incorporate culture, graphic design and mental health within TITAN.

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Tristan Hazlett

Tristan Hazlett

When I saw the message behind this project it really hit deep because I’ve been there and I can relate to it on a very personal level. This is why I love Titan because not only is the quality of clothing top notch but the message behind this brand is unlike any other. This new drop is gonna be heat!!

Seithan Srisabai

Seithan Srisabai

This is gonna be a dope drop! The message your trying to convey with the design couldn’t be a better match! I hope these come in oversize tees 100% cotton since the material and fitting is my favorite overall!



Love the graphic designs but the shirt design appears to be too depressing, evoking somber emotions and possibly conveying a sense of melancholy. The choice of messages could be contributing to this overall feeling of sadness or gloom. It might be worth considering a more uplifting or vibrant design to evoke positivity and bring a sense of joy to the wearer and those around them.



The message behind these couldn’t be better!!!

Niall hindmarch

Niall hindmarch

I think this idea would be great, especially with how mental health is becoming a main issue. A message on back of tees or jumpers could brighten someone’s day, I think this clothes drop and message would be very important!

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