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November 22, 2016

Who is Titan?

Titan acts as the bridge for the motivated to meet their inspirations. We sell exclusive clothing by various brands that people LOVE. We also want to help the fitness community grow by selectively choosing the best brands that fit our criteria - brands that have a similar purpose and a great sense of style. These athletic apparel companies want to help the fitness industry explode - and this is where Titan comes in.

One of the main things Titan does is hold events that bring fitness gurus and celebrities into the actual store front in the Cerritos Mall, which is in the Los Angeles Area. These events will begin shortly and they will feature fitness greats, like CT Fletcher just to name one. Titan also includes new and upcoming fitness superstars like Jeremy Potvin, Jordan Kraja and many more! Keep an Eye out for these events on our Instagram - @Titan .

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