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October 27, 2017

The very first brand that influenced the creation of Titan - Versus. 

Versus was built on the premise to encourage athletes and motivated individuals to battle only against yourself and to keep self-improving. With the fitness industry growing immensely, Versus looks to become a pioneer in providing some of the best styles and fits for all around use. Titan looks to be your go-to spot for all things activewear (and will be taking a new approach for the Titan Brand). With the Titan x Versus partnership in a strong stance, the possibilities and growth are endless. 

Titan wants to bring the motivated person out of you and into life. Do more than what you're asked to do and compete only with yourself to improve your own life. Versus is the same way: it's You vs You. Leave your legacy and dominate your past self - in dope ass clothing. Both companies aim to leave their mark in bringing a specific style to an active life.

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