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March 17, 2018

A New Member: The Sweat Collection ( TSC )

Looking to become an industry leading brand for activewear and gym wear in the nation - TSC is new and upcoming. Geared for those who sweat and those who like to look good.

TSC offers various styles for performance - revolving around their DriFit fabrics and athletic fits. We are proud to announce the partnership between Titan and TSC - for it improves our elite line of brands and expands our selection. Check out their collection and you will not be disappointed with the fabrics and fits they have to offer!

"(Their) name, The Sweat Collection, comes from the desire to build a community of people who understand the importance of living active and healthy. It doesn’t matter how or why you sweat, what is important is that you do."

SHOP TSC HERE: The Sweat Collection (ONLINE ONLY) 



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