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Introducing our newest addition to our collection of Graphics: RUINS.

Inspired by the ancient Mayan Ruins, this graphic represents the concept of advancement and innovativethinking. Ruins from around the world have shaped our current ideology and taught us that virtually anything is possible.

The Mayans lived a culture of advancement and were the first to many innovations that shaped our current Weather and time models by creating the Sun-dial and their weather calendar. They were later dominated by the Conquistadors, who believed the Mayans were worshiping their weather calendars - in which they were misunderstood. They then went to battle and destroyed all but what's left in certain areas of Mexico.

This set back civilization by having all of this valuable and innovative information burned to ashes and destroyed, but also gave birth to new, stronger civilizations who will later continue to grow and establish new ways of life throughout the world. Taking what knowledge the surviving Mayans had left, new cultures and civilizations rose to continue innovating in Science, and in Archeology. 

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC:The RUINS graphic contains a sugar skull within the Titan Helmet, symbolizing Mexican culture with a Titan Twist - a sword running down the middle and two Dumbbells hidden within the pattern (Bet you didn't catch that hidden gem 😉). The Helmet is substituting the 'T' in TITAN, which is written in a font that compliments the Ancient Mayan Theme. NEXT, our hometown: Los Angeles, CA - seems to balance the entire graphic together and further strengthens the Titan in the graphic.

This will be offered in multiple styles and colors - so keep a lookout for them!

Shop Our New RUINS Graphic: RUINS (LAUNCH DATE: 1.30.20)

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