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August 02, 2017

What question would you ask if you had the chance to speak with one of the top 3 athletes in the IFBB world? 

Well, now's your chance. Come visit our South Bay location 🏝 on Saturday, August 5 between 11 and 1 pm and meet IFBB Pro / Olympian Jeremy Potvin!

Jeremy Potvin ranked THIRD in the 2016 Mr. Olympia - making him a top contender for this year. He will be 6 weeks out from the competition every bodybuilder works for - so he is dialed in and determined to bring his best physique to the stage. 

This event is presented by BUILT Apparel and hosted by Titan . Jeremy is one of BUILT's athletes and team members. Come in and ask him for tips to better your livelihood and health - after all... he is one of the best. 


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