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Daily Giveaways!


Now let's keep this short and simple: You want to know how to enter our giveaways that we have almost EVERY. SINGLE. Day. (Don't ask me why the "Day" isn't in all caps, that's not the point of this blog post!) 

Here's the thing; we post on Instagram very often - it's kind of our sauce. Now on every post, you are able to enter a GIVEAWAY for a Titan Gift Card just by following this super-extensive, very long list of rules here:

- Go to our Instagram: @TITAN

- Like the post

- Comment & Tag 2 friends (the more comments, the more entries)

- This isn't an actual rule, but I ran out of ideas and wanted to hold up to my promise that this I]list was long... and so here I am.

THAT'S IT. Do those, make sure you're following us so we can DM you, and you're IN. We announce the winner the very next day. Didn't win? Enter again the next time we post! 

Here's the BIGGEST tip to having the highest chances of winning: ENABLE POST NOTIFICATIONS for all titan Posts! This will ensure you don't miss out.

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Eric Amason
Eric Amason

May 07, 2020

I love being able to represent this brand so much. I went through an injury that put me I. The hospital and wearing my Titan gear just made me feel strong and perform better w confidence during my physical therapy sessions. Mindset and mentality was so huge for me. When I was out of the ICU, in patient and outpatient,I would post Snapchat’s and IG stories in my Titan Gear with mindset outlook and perspective tips that really got me through such a physical and mental low. It’s been an honor being apart of this company representing both mind and body

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