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August 17, 2017

Aptitude Apparel has now partnered with Titan!

Titan maintains a very exclusive, activewear collection and we are very selective when adding new brands and items to it. Everything has to meet certain standards. Active tees, tanks, leggings, and all gym clothing must represent great style and quality. With a limited selection, Titan and Aptitude decided to multiply your choices of gym clothes - and also increase the quality / reduce the average price point. 

In an industry dominated by Gymshark, Lululemon and others - Aptitude aims to bring great quality with competitive pricing. Now carried in Titan, it will go head to head with the currently held brands: Built Apparel, Versus Clothing, Virus (pending), Body Engineers (pending), and Last Set Co. The friendly competition will improve the shopping experience and give you a consistent variety every time you visit. 

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